Painting a Day Series

My friend Greig Leach made (and sold) a Painting a Day for a year in 2007 and has started the project up again recently...

In Greig's words: The original idea was to create works on to post on ebay on a daily basis to gain a wider audience for my work and to earn a small additional income.  What has been discovered was a whole new genre of subject matter to work from.  The need to find subjects finally took me out into the garden to paint from the flowers that I have been struggling to cultivate.  This not only led to a extended and continuing investigation of small scale plein-aire floral paintings, but generated the ideas for numerous full scale floral works the majority of which have found their way into private and corporate collections.  The project has created numerous works but more importantly has informed the full scale works and driven the creative growth by the constant rapid fire subject, color and compositional development.

The project was begun in mid 2007 and ran for about a year but had to be set aside during the economic down turn of early 2008, by mid 2008 a years worth of work had been completed but the desired audience development could not be realized.  So now that there is economic life and at the request of previous watchers and purchasers I have decided to restart the project.  With the development of readily accessible social media, I am still presenting the works for sale through ebay but using facebook as the more direct marketing approach, allowing a wide spread audience of friends and strangers to view the works and follow the project as it progresses. 

Check out Greig's daily paintings either on his Facebook fan page or on eBay.

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beingwoman said...

Wonderful! Starting spreading the art of daily work- or the work of daily art!