Snow Globe 365

Amy Whitehurst of Glen Allen, Virginia was inspired by my Skull-A-Day project and 365: A Daily Creativity Journal to start Snow Globe 365...

Why did you decide to do this project? I think snow globes are cool, especially the ones made of glass.  The reflections caught in the glass globe are interesting enough to keep a project going, but I'm putting my subject in various surroundings, interacting with different people to insure a fun and easy 365 of fun.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? I'm only 5 days in, but it has encouraged me to pick up my camera every single day which will make me a better photographer.  Photographing glass is tricky, and has made me focus more on the technical working of my camera including proper metering and lighting, so that the flash is rarely used.  With a daily project, I wake up each morning and think about what I will I do with my globe today.  My entire family is supporting the project and they often find themselves saying, "That would make a cool picture!" My four year old son noticed the snow covered railroad trestles on the James as we crossed the bridge on 195. He told me it was a great shot and we needed to pull over.  I sure wanted to, and though we couldn't stop on the interstate, but I love how seeing my interest in photography and my daily use of the camera has encouraged them both to see more creatively.

Follow Amy's snowy progress on her site HERE.


Abby Davis said...

I love the family involvement. My husband and daughter have to resist the urge to pull over on the interstate to take photos of a wildflower stretch of median.

Amy said...

I love that, Abby!