Screencast Project

Fauzan Riza Adinugraha (Ojan) & Putri Anugrah Sekar Ati (Putri) in Yogyakarta, Indonesia are spending a year taking photos daily in their Screencast Project. In Ojan's words, "This blog contains pictures about moments, mumbles, craft, trees, sky or any kind of things that just caught by our eyes." Started in Indonesian in May of 2010, they switched to English captions in December to have a wider audience. They plan to have an exhibition based on the project when they're done in May of 2011...

Why did you decide to do this project? We made this project when we’re not in same city. Via messenger we have very long conversation and realizing that we have same interest on craft, photography, and blogging. We’re not actually close each other, so we made this to know further each. Cell phone’s camera that we brought everyday becomes our main tool. So we decided to make this project.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? This project made us feel like having tracks that we record every day. By doing this project, we’re just simply feeling like the day we through has meaning and stories. In addition, we also trained to work consistently.

See all of Ojan & Putri's photos HERE.

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