Skull Diggery + Pax & AK

My friend Kris AKA Rakka, from "outside of" Seattle, Washington, is not content to rest on the laurels of her last daily project Stupid F'ing Awesome (which was featured in 365: A Daily Creativity Journal) and so the day after finishing it she started two new yearlong projects! Both are weekly rather than daily, but somehow I doubt she'll only be making two pieces of art a week.

She says, "Skull Diggery is a behind the scenes (read: character design and notation, lots of sketchbook work) look at the creation of an illustrated story. Pax & AK is a collaborative project between me and my 2 year old nephew.  We're separated by 2,670 miles and 35 years but we both love to draw animals."...

Why did you decide to do these projects?  Skull Diggery is a project that's designed to keep me honest.  I've been planning an illustrated story for about a year now and hadn't gotten around to making faces to go with names.  Being responsible to an audience should help me get my butt in gear.

Pax & Ak is an attempt to make sure my nephew gets some sort of Arts education.  (He lives in a very rural part of the U.S.) Plus, I never see the kid.  Basically, I'm trying to be a good aunt.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? As a 365 veteran (2 1/2 years worth! + these two new weeklies) I'd have to say that life is very different than when I started my first project.  The main things are dealing with my email inbox + having to keep up with prep work, post deadlines, etc, etc while I'm working on pieces for shows that are unrelated to the projects.  THIS YEAR I'm getting an intern! 

Follow Rakka's progress on her two new projects HERE and HERE!

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Abby Davis said...

I love the concept of sharing a project with a child. Might be something neat to do with mine, as I teach her different art forms.

I also love her animals, especially the birds. I love her other art too, very talented.