365 Spiders

Amy Kopperude in Red Lion, Pennsylvania is making 365 Spiders. She says, "After finding a beaded spider tutorial on-line last summer, I haven’t been able to stop making beaded spiders. A year of spiders will force me to explore the creation of my 8-legged friends beyond just beads. I love experimenting with the shape and composition of a spider through diverse media, which is what this year is all about."...

Why did you decide to do this project? My friend Susan approached several of her friends, asking if we would be interested in participating in a 365 Days of Creativity project. I’m always making something, and if I’m not making something, I’m thinking about making something. So I was all over this idea right away. I figured I could finish some projects I’d started or explore some ideas I’d had. I have a room full of materials and books, magazines, and binders full of ideas. Certainly I could come up with 365 things to make with all of it.

How has doing a year-long/daily project affected your life? Whew! My first 24 days were exhausting. I didn’t start off with spiders. I was making a whole gamut of things and had a running list of what I was going to do next, a list that was becoming more disorganized and increasingly detailed and difficult because of my inability to simplify. I spent so much time on my creations that little else was being accomplished. Day 25 was going to be a spider day. I knew that ahead of time. But as the day approached, I started wishing that EVERY day were a spider day. I switched gears and started a list of spiders, a much easier endeavor with more promising results. And I heaved a big sigh of relief. I had found a way to simplify, which really is what makes the whole idea of this project successful even as it challenges me.

Making the spiders is very relaxing, believe it or not. Before the 365 Days of Creativity project, I had probably made in the neighborhood of 30 or more spiders to give to friends or sell on Etsy. Part of the creation process is predictable, but when certain elements just make sense together and come together just right, I love being rewarded by that ultimate sense of satisfaction: Today I finished something, and I finished it well. Because I’ve decided on a spider a day, I'm committed to a project that fits my schedule and lifestyle, and I know I can still think outside of the box to continually come up with different results. In addition, I've already had a lot of fun brainstorming with friends about future spiders. I can’t wait for Day 365. I picture my spiders canvassing a big empty wall. 365 spiders. Wow.

See all of Amy's spiders HERE.

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