Loving the Unexepected

Jayme Sudeth in Chicago, Illinois is spending a year Loving the Unexpected...

Why did you decide to do this project? I wanted to create happiness for people that I don't know. I have always enjoying giving gifts out of the blue to friends and even strangers on occasion. About a week after getting your book I decided on Giving the Unexpected for 365 days. Ranging from small acts of holding the door open to buying someone a warm cup of coffee.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? Loving the unexpected is how I am feeling about my 365 day challenge. I am loving the challenge of doing an act for a stranger everyday and unexpected things are happening for me! Doing kind things for people that I do not know leaves a smile on my face even when my day is not going so well. Often we think that the world revolves around us especially when our day is going bad. It is hard to realize that others are having bad days, and taking just a moment to give them something unexpected can turn your day and their day around! The biggest challenge I have faced is coming up with different acts each day.

See how unexpected Jayme's life has begun HERE.


Misha said...

Wonderful project, Jayme!

Anke Martin said...

So inspiring!!!
Thanks for sharing, smiles, Anke ;)