A Click A Day

Paola Suárez in Punta del Este, Uruguay, South America is making A click a day. She says, "based on the idea I have written on my inspiration board: 'we do not remember days, we remember moments', I decided to take pictures every day and choose the one that represents THAT special moment of the day, that will help me remember the entire day, even a year after. So the pictures can be about anything that inspires me that day, happened to me, how I was feeling, anything I´ve done, kind of a diary made of images.

Why did you decide to do this project? As a fashion design student I needed some kind of outlet for the creative energy that flows when you are on holidays, but I wanted to do something that wasn´t entirely related to fashion, but that will help me as inspiration, or just a way of getting to know myself better. Also I always wanted to be able to keep a journal or a diary for a whole year, and always struggled with taking time to write everyday, so this came up as a more fun and perfect diary, that will also help me improve my skills in photography.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? As I ´ve only been doing this project for a month so far, I suppose the answer will be kind of different after a year, but so long it´s been amazing.  It gives a completely new perspective on everyday things, everything looks much more interesting when you start to think that everything around you can make a great picture. So far, it´s been so much FUN.

See all of Paola's click's HERE.

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Abby Davis said...

These are beautiful.