Oy With The Plushies Already

Shelina Fitzpatrick in Springfield, Missouri is doing a yearlong project she calls Oy With The Plushies Already.

She explains, "I was in Barnes Noble in Nov and came across your book. Usually I find a book that I like and go home and buy it on Amazon so I can get it cheaper lol But this one I had to have right away. I bought it and carried it around with me plotting and planning my 2012 new years resolution. It was hard to wait until the 1st after it was full of post its with ideas jotted on them. :) In 2012 this book and I will be attached. I am going to try to follow the book exact but if I need to I will change up a few things so they will work better for me."

Why did you decide to do this project? I am a stay at home mom and have 3 kids. I spend all of my time with them and never sit down and do things for myself. This challenge is definitely for me! When I get a few minutes to myself I can challenge my creativity. I am always excited to see what my new project is for the day. I am 11 days in and I am pretty confident that I can finish all 365 days!

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? I am only 11 days in but so far it has made me stop and take a breath. Some days everything is just a whirl wind of craziness and I forget to just breath. lol Now I escape for a few minutes everyday.  There are a ton of projects that I have wanted to do or creative things that I would like to learn that have just set on the back burner. Now I look forward to pulling out those projects when the day calls for it. Maybe I will finally find a reason to needle felt :)

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