Anthony Gifford in Cheltenham, England is drawing the daily comic strip SuperZero (Snippets of my un-heroic life)...

Why did you decide to do this project? It started quite randomly (as most great things do!), my girlfriend at the time was about to start college and wanted to try and do something, so I came up with a brief to do a comic strip, much like James Kochalka (as she's a big fan) of our trip up Leckhampton hill the day before. I did it too and really enjoyed it. I decided that maybe I could do one a week and see how long I could keep it up for. But at the time I had a week off work, so I did one every day and have been doing it every day since!

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? well my evenings are taken up drawing, scanning and colouring the things! and my days are spent hoping for something short and funny to happen. My friends always look at me when something goes wrong and I quite often get "don't you dare put THAT in your comic!" Sometimes you are sitting, staring at a blank piece of paper going "nothing happened today!! my life is soooo dull!" but you eventually think of something.

See all of Anthony's comics HERE.

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