That Which Excites Me

Sarah Eddenden in Whitby, Ontario, Canada is spending a year creating That Which Excites Me...

Why did I decide to do this project? I write and enjoy writing yet I have always had a secret desire to draw.  But I always stopped myself before I started because I thought I would be really horrible at it.
I started to draw despite that about 2 years ago.  I know that I need to draw more.  I also should write more.  When I found your book and your creative project that needed a new idea every day, I thought:  Crazy. I took some time to decide exactly what I could be inspired by every day for 365 days.   I like writing about normal life stuff and so I decided: what would get me excited (mad, happy, laughing, crying, some kind of emotional involvement necessary)?

How has my yearlong daily project affected my life?
Life is small moments,  simple pleasures, seconds of WHAT, moments, snowflakes, smiles gone like that.  I remember better.   I aim to appreciate more.

See all of the things that Sarah's found exciting HERE.

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