Fraught With Meaning

Took Gallagher in Northville, Michigan is doing what she calls a "daily creative progress report" in her project Fraught With Meaning...

Why did you decide to do this project?  I needed to be accountable to "something" again.  Two years ago I was inspired by Elin Waterston and her carving-a-day project.  I decided to follow her lead, start a blog and do my own 365 Project.  I was apprehensive about writing a blog so I used my various Art-o-mat series as my daily postings.  This also helped me to keep moving forward and stay on track with them.  When I completed that 365 Project I took the next year off but kept the blog.   I didn't post daily and I actually felt "off" most of the time.  I think deep down I really missed the accountability I felt even though I had only a handful of followers...but mostly I needed to be accountable to my self.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life?  I am feeling "right" again.  I feel productive again.  I love posting the daily entries but I have always dreaded the writing part.  This year I am feeling more confidence in my narrative...I'm not saying it is anything special, I just feel more confident.

See all of Took's creative progress HERE.