40 Days of Crafts

Sarah Stevenson in Preston, Lancashire, UK is doing 40 Days of Crafts...

Why did you decide to do this project? After coming across your 365 skull site I was inspired to use my own creative talents as a fundraiser for my church - which needs a new roof costing around £75000. I decided I would try to make 40 different Easter themed crafts over the 40 days of Lent. The idea was well received. I have people from church, friends, relatives etc sponsoring me to complete the challenge. In order to make as much as possible from the project I also decide that for most days I would make more than one item - maybe 6-10 - which I can then sell at church as well. Plus I like a challenge!

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? So far what I realise is that I'm giving up all of my free time to devote to crafting and blogging, but then giving up things is part of the spirit of the Lenten period. I'd admit the project is a little self-indulgent, but there's nothing better than thinking about doing nothing but crafting for 40 days AND having to do it, no excuses, nothing else gets in its way! I am learning to use the skills I've been given in a charitable way and that does make me feel good. I'm learning new craft skills each week including the art of blogging as this was something my 13 yr old set up for me. As part of the blog it is fantastic to have access to so many other crafty people and be able to share their  ideas too.

To create the 40 crafts (+ a few spare) I'm using up things from around the house - like Day 1 Wooden Box, including some recycling and upcycling - and going back to use equipment that I last used in art college 20+ years ago. From a personal point of view it will raise my self-confidence and by the end of the 40 days I'll hopefully feel proud of my achievements (even though it's only 40 and not 365). Whenever we do anything like this (I'm also on school PTA) there is always a positive impact on my immediate family who are always incredibly supportive, involved and the children have enjoyed sharing the project with friends.

I took my first bunch of  crafts to church this morning and it great to see people interested and it has already helped me personally to broaden my friendships within the church. For some in the church this is the first time they'd ever visited a 'blog'! Not something they'd normally do. Perhaps my individual 40 days project will broaden into a group effort next time or inspire others to do the same.

See all of Sarah's crafts HERE.

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