Pop Tab 365 Project

Monique van Nieuwamerongen in Ede, Netherlands is creating the Pop Tab 365 Project...

Why did you decide to do this project? I encountered Noah's site and got fascinated. I wondered I was able to achieve such a project. I decided that the only way to find out, was to try it. Because i have an Etsy shop in which i am selling pop tab items, i decided to start working with pop tabs. I only have a few items in my shop and hope to get inspiration to add more.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life?
What i hope to get out of this:
  • inspiration for new pop tab items
  • improving my craft skills and learning new techniques
  • improving my English 
  • blogging on a regular basis
  • improving my photographing skills
  • preserver to  keep doing this for a long period continuously
I now doing this project for 35 days and already see a bit of development. This project is helping me to be less perfectionistic. I spend a maximum of 1 hour a day on making a item. Because of the time limit, not everything will be as perfect as I would like it to be. The pressure of posting things that are not perfect is helping me to see that even things with little flaws can be beautiful and being creative is fun and relaxing.

I am also trying out new techniques. I never did wire wrapping before. The first time I tried it for this project, it looked messy. I still posted it. Now I have tried it a few more times and the result keeps getting better. Also bought myself a sewing machine a year ago, but it was stored and never used. Because of the project I got it out and tried sewing for the first time.

Also i am seeing that my photographing skills are getting better. Daily photographing things helps to develop my skills at a faster pace then normal. I learned to adjust the white balance and how to set the timer. Also I realized I need to invest in a small tripod for my camera to get clearer pictures

I wonder were this project will take me.

See all of Monique's tabs HERE.

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