It's Full of Stars

Brian Givens in Newark, Delaware is creating the yearlong project It’s Full of Stars...

Why did you decide to do this project? I ran across a review of your book 365: A Daily Creativity Journal some time back and decided to get it for my wife for Christmas. I ended up reading it myself and decided to try it out. I strongly identify with the “Maker” movement but recently I feel I haven’t been doing much making. Also, I am a mechanical engineer by trade and have always been more comfortable with things like electronics and woodworking. I would like to stretch into more “artistic” and “crafty” areas. I hope that this project will help in both areas. Also, the book was a big hit with my wife as well and she has decided to start her own project.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life?  I am over a month into the project and I am already starting to see some of the benefits I had hoped for. It’s really nice to be producing something everyday; that’s really been making me happy.. Also, the daily nature of the project is forcing me to make quick decisions and go with my gut, not agonize over getting just the right idea and product. I feel like that will be helpful to me long after this project is finished. I’ve gotten to do some things that I’ve been interested in messing around with for a while. Two in particular that stand out in my mind are Day 25 - Light Painting  and Day 33 - Bokeh It was nice to have an excuse to mess around with those techniques and get a feel for them.

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