Jeannie's 365 Dresses

Jeannie Crockett in Baltimore, Maryland is making 365 Dresses...

Why did you decide to do this project?  As a result of reading 365:A Daily Creative Journal by Noah Scalin, I stepped up to the challenge. The blog will track my progress and document my work. Rules? There are none. I can spend 10 minutes folding an origami dress, or 20 hours (over several days) creating a dress that a woman (or a girl) can actually wear. I might post an image of a dress – I've been collecting "dressy" things for years. Sometimes I'll use the challenges in the above book – sometimes I'll use other prompts – sometimes the dress will be fugitive, lasting only in the post photo – sometimes I'll actually wear it.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? I’ve enjoyed the commitment to making something every day. I’m always looking for ideas and opportunities  – such as the piecrust dress on 2/25 – and finding that I’m more creative in general. It is as if this little project primes the pump, and gets me working on other larger creative endeavors. Making the little fabric dresses is so much fun, but it also takes more time. So I’m giving myself the benefit of allowing other “dresses” to fit the requirement, if I’m in a real crunch time-wise.

See all of Jeannie's dresses HERE.

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JJ said...

I love this project! The origami dress is adorable :)
I saw your blog in a 365 tweet, good luck with your project :)