Herbert Hoover's Ring-A-Day

Herbert Hoover in New York City challenged himself to make a Ring-A-Day.

He explains"I love carving wax and casting in brass, bronze, and silver, but the process takes more than one day because of the caster. This requires planning, creativity, and some stealthier solutions such as Ring-And-A-Half-A-Day. Sometimes I'm working on an epic ring while also making the daily ring. The urgency of a daily project has opened up a creative avenue that I couldn't have accessed by simply thinking through an idea, and then taking the remaining time available in a day to work on it a little bit. Some of the results are rings I never would have made if I had unlimited time. Looking back, I call those rings the Someday-Maybe-Never-Rings."

Why did you decide to do this project?  I had never made a ring before and wanted to learn. My friend Ranjit Instrument-A-Day project and encouraged me to make my own daily project. I've read a bunch of How-To books on rings, so there was all this free-floating knowledge in my head that was unapplied before I started Ring-A-Day. It just made sense that this could be a great project for me.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? There's an urgency that's inspiring. You have to answer the question every day when you take on a project like this. Looking back over the daily record gives me a sense of my abilities and accomplishments, and an idea of how to improve as well as giving direction to the journey. Deadlines can be inspiring.

See all of Herbert's rings HERE.

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