Carousel 365

Nichole Williams in Orlando, Florida is making Carousel 365. She explains, "I'm a big Carousel collector and quite enjoy them from a young age. So, I found this to be the easiest subject matter for me to work with. I'm going to try and create something new everyday involving a carousel in some shape or form. Also, I have trouble sticking to one focused tasks for long periods of time, but love challenges, so as a challenge to myself I'm trying to stick with this for the full 365 days."...

Why did you decide to do this project? Actually, a friend got me the book [365: A Daily Creativity Journal] as a joke x-mas gift with a few other things.She said that I was one of the most creative people she knew, and thought the book would be fun for me. I crochet, make costumes, writing, draw/doodle, paint/build models, carpentry, cooking, welding, puppetry, and quite few other things... Thusly, liking to through my hat into many arenas, but not really a master of any. As one can tell I like to do many things, but have little focus to see things for a long run, and thought 'Why not?' this could keep my A.D.D creativity in check.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life?  I'm only a week in for now, but I feel pretty good staying with this for the week. Unfortunately/Fortunately, as said I like to approach things with the eye of many different executions, so it takes awhile to decided how I'm going to do a project. I'll actually do multiple versions of the same suggestion in one day. I have the utmost love and support from my husband, so it's actually really fun to do some of the daily projects with him. Nothing big yet, but I'm just hoping to be able to stick with something, so committing for a week with the same subject matter is a big accomplishment.  

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