A Finngerwegian Story

Carol Niemi in Wisconsin is creating A Finngerwegian Story in which she makes or uses trees in 365 daily projects...

Why did I decide to do this project? I love making things but don't always give myself the time. I love learning new skills and incorporating them into decorating, creating, and imagining what I could do next. I'm 23 and still trying to figure out exactly what I should do with my life. Truth be told, I was with my brother in a bookstore just browsing. I found this book in the crafting section, picked it up, got a feel for this unique idea, and in that moment (even though I had no idea where my life would be going in the next year) I knew I wanted to try this for a year. I've always loved using my hands and being creative.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life?
  1. New skills. (I love learning new things.)
  2. Teaching me patience and perseverance.
  3. I get my family involved and get to spend time with them. Especially my mother...reigniting a creative flame in her. Happy to see her happy.
  4. It encourages me to hold on to the dreams and passions I had ever since I was a kid. Be creative. Imagine inside and outside of the box. Be myself, share what I believe and share what I make with others. I've been able to help encourage others to create and have been encourage by so many wonderful people.
  5. I'm learning more about myself and what I am capable of doing, especially under some positive pressure.
  6. Helps me take the days as they come.
  7. No matter what, I'm enjoying myself and thank God he gives me these days and opportunities to create and share.

See all of Carol's trees HERE.

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LissC said...

I went and checked out all the trees. What a great blog!! So creative. Thanks so much for sharing the link :)

Happy new Year!