Pax and AK Follow-Up

I'm periodically checking back in with some folks who have completed their 365 projects...

Kris AKA Rakka has been doing 365 projects one after the other for several years now, but last year she took on a weekly project Pax and AK in which she planned to partner with her 2 year old nephew.
She finished the project the last week of December 2011...

French Bulldog

What are the biggest lessons/skills you learned from doing your project? Never work with children? Ha. Nah, I guess I learned that partnering with someone on a project is always a tiny bit complicated.

Whip It Whippet

Now what? I'm continuing with Excheckerd, the daily collage project that I accidentally stated in the middle of last year. It will be daily until I run out of old journals to collage.

Also starting Jessica Sketcher which is going to revolve around all 264 episodes of "Murder, She Wrote". No firm start date yet on that one but more than likely mid January.

Also this seems to be lining up to be the year of sketchbooks for me. I've got several shows revolving around them next year. Updates will be HERE.

Flying Squirrel

See Rakka's original 365 interview HERE.

Laser Pointer

See all of the Pax & AK project HERE.


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lrborcherding said...

Is it possible to obtain a print of one of these pictures? My school mascot is the whippets and I would LOVE to have a picture like that in my classroom.