A Year of Taking Photo's and Journaling

Carla L from Des Moines, Iowa is having A Year of Taking Photo's and Journaling...

Why did you decide to do this project? I'm struggling to regain balance it my life.  There are a lot of things affecting me I can't control but I can control getting into routines that will help maintain the work-life-drama balance.  Now adding a new layer of healthy decisions that will allow me to incorporate some of the things I love- traveling, exploring trails especially the extensive ones in Iowa, taking photo's and scrapbook it all.  Hopefully blogging it will help keep me accountable.  I've come a ways in in the right direction over the last couple years but have to keep up the momentum.  Doing these things I believe will also help me become more healthy and happy.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? I'm just beginning my year.  I've been doing morning pages daily for some time.  Last year I added a daily 30 minutes of physical activity.  Now I wan't to add some daily creativity with taking photos or document in scrapbook/journals about those photo's. I got a Nikon camera last year and I hope I'll learn about it as well as improve my abilities in this projecgt.  Writing, walking/running/jogging and creative endeavours all help me deal with stress and maintain much needed personal balance in life.

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