Lauren's 366 Photos

Lauren Coleman in Berkeley, California is doing a social photo-a-day project for the 366 days of 2012 (it's a leap year!) and posting the results on her Flickr page...

Why did you decide to do this project? Actually, your work inspired me. I had flipped through your skull book at some point (AMAZING, and I effin love skulls), which may have led me to your 365 blog. I made it about two months last year, but inspired my mother to go for the entire year. Which in turn has re-inspired me (and my best friend) to give it a go this year!

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? I take a ton of photos as it is, but I rarely end up sharing them, so this project is socially driven. My mother really enjoyed the conversations on Facebook that revolved around each photo. At the end of the year, she was wrapping up and not planning on continuing, when all sorts of FB lurkers came out of the woodwork to tell her how much it meant to them to log on and look at her photos every day. While I am only on day 6, a friend already left an amazing comment on one of my photos:
"Lauren, this time last year, as I hauled myself out of bed before dawn, exhausted & in the depths of depression, I always looked forward to finding out what your latest pic of the day was & I made it the first thing I did while feeding my son. It was like a little ray of positivity to help see me through. I'm glad to see this project back — even now I'm back on track I'll continue to be inspired by your rare ability to find beauty in the simplest everyday things."
So, yeah, that makes a huge impact, and it feels amazing to have this community come together through sharing a daily image, whether they themselves are doing it (such as my mother and my bff — it is tremendously rewarding to be doing this together) or whether they find inspiration by following the project.

See all of Lauren's photos HERE.

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