Charlton Yu in Los Angeles, California is making a burger a day in his Burger365 project on his blog Everything Burger...

Why did you decide to do this project?  The website and project spawned from a variety of things 1. I had been interested in a project where I could use my artistic and creative skills. 2. My girlfriend had given me the Skull-A-Day book, since I also like skull related images (of course I had seen the website before too), and it got me thinking of doing something similar. 3. We had started trying different burger restaurants because we both love to eat good food and she was interested in creating a LA Burger map. 4. One day, we were talking about damask prints/wallpaper, and I had the idea to create a "burger" themed damask print, which I then designed. All these ideas came together at this point, but I also wanted to do something more than just the art project. Since I was going to create these "burgers", a website full of other burger related items was the obvious choice.

At some point as well, I had brought up the idea of "365" to my friend/co-worker Gary Lockwood. He was very interested in doing a project like Skull-A-Day as well (he had already been creating animal gas mask artwork previously for his clothing line). Together, we decided to just go for it and start these projects (him with Mask365). It would help that we would be able to push each other, in order to keep the projects going, as well as bounce different ideas each other's way. May 17, 2009 was the debut of Burger365 and Mask365.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? So it has been a little over six months for the project so far and it definitely has affected my life. I have less free time now, since I am constantly working on the next "burgers". I am learning new techniques and working with different mediums, which is always good for any artist. I am also always thinking about the project/website, to figure out the next ideas or ways of improving everything. Overall, it has been a great experience and the weeks seem to fly by. It's a little hard to believe that I created so many images so far, and I hope I can make the rest even better.

Check out all of Charlton's burgers on his site HERE.

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