The Weather sKwirl

My friend kHyal™ shared her daily project The Weather sKwirl, where she's been posting a new image, featuring the cutest little squirrel, every day since February 12, 2010, and has no plans to stop!...

She says, "The Weather sKwirl™ was created out of sheer fun and silliness and continues everyday for that same reason. The byproduct is that it provides unexpected creative opportunities, has won public art competitions, has become a fine art, style and jewelry line that for some reason sells. (Which perhaps is the oddest part of it.) Mostly, it brings me great joy to see it make other people smile. The character itself houses my own anxiety, thereby deflecting it from me personally, which is just plain good for my mental health."

Catch the sKwirl's adventure's every day HERE.

kHyal™also blogs daily with her partner Karl at DesignerGrill.

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