My Daily Nature Photos

My friend and co-editor of the Skull-A-Day blog, Abby Davis, has committed to documenting the outdoors for a year in her My Daily Nature Photos project...

Why did you decide to do this project? One day, in a pile of craft supplies, I thought "What is my hobby?". I make things almost every day in great variety, but to me that's not my hobby. It's more my obsession or life's compulsion. I realized that the only other creative thing I did besides my crafts, was photography. I normally have my camera with me, but one day my dad asked me where it was. I hadn't been carrying it as much as I used to. Sporadically, for the last 2 years I have been taking nature photos. Many of them at my parents' house. I had really wanted to do something with the thousands of photos I had, but they were sporadic. I wanted something more organized. I was reading over your book on Amazon and realized that I should turn them into a daily project. I would start new and document nature every day for a year and more. I'm still in the beginning of the project, which I started on November 12th.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? I realize now that November, the end of Fall was probably not the smartest month to start in, but since the original reason I started taking nature photos was due to the Camellia bush I have that blooms in late Fall/early Winter. To me, it's an unusual plant. I wondered if there were any other plants that choose cold weather to bloom and thrive. There are many and that is something I am exploring in the project. I will probably end up with many beautiful photos and a continuous cold from staying out in the cold weather to photograph nature. To me it's worth it, because I'm actually doing something productive and beautiful with my hobby.

See what Abby has been photographing on her blog HERE. You can also follow her project on Facebook and buy prints of her photos!