Interview: Thomas Fuchs - A Heart A Day

Thomas Fuchs decided to create an image of a heart every day …

Why did you decide to do “Heart A Day”?
I just started at some point with a few random heart ideas, realized there's a plethora of images that just have to be created and simply kept going.

On average how much time did you spend on each piece?
On average maybe an hour.

How much/how often did you make similar creative work before this?
Many times, there's a whole bunch of similar series in my back catalog- I tend to work well in that format.

Had you tried making a yearlong project before (and if so did you complete the year and how did that experience compare)?
Not yearlong, exactly. On and off a few that stretched over a few years.

What did you expect to get from this experience and were your expectations met, surpassed, dashed? How?
I didn't really expect anything other than fun, so that expectation definitely was met.

What have you learned about yourself in the process of doing this?
That I'm inside my own head way too much, it's scary in there.

How has this process affected your creativity/skills/style?
I've definitely gotten more efficient at Illustrator/Photoshop.

How do/did you stay inspired?
By anything around me and by not trying to hard to get inspired.

In what ways did doing a yearlong project transform your life?
Having to post on the blog everyday- that seriously cuts into the beach time :)

What is the best thing that has come from doing this project?
The best thing would probably be that this particular project has opened up a few possibilities of applying my work which I hadn't really considered before.
Any advice for people considering starting their own yearlong project?
Don't overthink it.
Thomas Fuchs was born and raised in Germany. After finishing his studies in Graphic Design and Illustration at the Academy of Fine Arts Stuttgart with an MfA in '97, he moved to New York in November of the same year. His work has received awards from The Society of Illustrators (Gold Medal, Advertising and Institutional Category), American Illustration, Communication Arts, Print, SPD, The Art Directors Club NY and Germany (of which he is a member) and SND (Silver Medal). He currently lives and works in New York.

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