Gary Lockwood in Los Angeles, California was inspired by Skull-A-Day to create his own daily mask making project MASK365...
Why did you decide to do this project?  I chose to start my own 365 project in conjunction with a friend who started one as well called Burger365.  When I read about and saw the Skull A Day project I was reminded of assignments I did in college at Corcoran School of Art & Design. As an artist and designer always looking for ways to progress my work I knew devoting myself to creating a piece everyday would open the artistic flood gates.

How has doing a daily project affected your life? Doing a daily, yearlong project like MASK365 has commanded much of my time.  It truly demands a central role in my life.  It also forces me to push through and finish pieces that I'd probably give up on.  A daily project is an extreme commitment, even for a creature of habit.  Truth be told, extreme actions produce extreme results and I'm excited to have recently passed the half way mark and I am looking forward to seeing how my work will progress by the end of the year.

See all of Gary's masks on his site HERE.

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