Napkin Moustache A Day

My friend Phil Ford was inspired by me to start making a Napkin Moustache A Day!...

Why did you decide to do this project? Being silly for my wife at various meals, then Noah had to go and do this thing to inspire to create and all, can I do this for a year?

How has doing a daily project affected your life? I have already had a positive response from people, some even asking to contribute (which I may do as the year goes on).  I think what has been interesting so far is the directions that I can go with it.  What is kind of happening is that I have been writing about what is happening at that moment to bring me right up to the photograph of the Napstache.  A captured diary moment, if you will.

See all of Phil's "napstaches" and read the stories of the meals behind them on his site HERE.

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