Three Miles A Day

I just had to share this great e-mail I got from AC in Washington, DC about a project he did this year. While it doesn't fit the creative formats of the projects I've been sharing here, it's clear that the experience was rewarding. I especially appreciate the fact that he told everyone he knew so he would have no excuses not to do it...

I am just finishing up an every day/yearlong project of my own and a friend told me about your skulls. 
Although my project isnt creative, it did go every day for a year and did face some challenges.  I decided to run at least 3 miles everyday for one year, no excuses, and I told everybody I knew just so I wouldn't back out.

some of the funny runs:

This past Dec 4th: my wife's water broke in the morning... I sprinted out the door and drove her to the hospital after I ran 5 miles.

Several Friday nights:  lured into happy hours, I was relegated to running drunk around 11:00 at night several times.

In April: got up at 3:00am to get my run done before I had to fly all day.
I will definitely make my project for next year a creative one!


PostMuse said...

This is great! I think I should do an active 365 instead of sticking to my creative one :-)

Noah said...

Maybe you can combine the two! I think you get different benefits from doing each kind.