Bree's Blooms

Brianna Warren in Fairfield California is making Bree's Blooms. She explains, "Every day for the next year I'm going to create a new interpretation  of flowers given the suggestion for each day and see what I end up with. It's very general but that just means I have more room to work with what little time I usually have to spare. I may not update the blog daily but it will be flower packed with 365 things by the end of the year."...

Why did you decide to do this project? I'm always looking for a creative outlet. I make my own clothing and accesories, make collages, room decorations and doodle on all of the paper I'm left with for more than a minute. But all of it was so random, not structured and all the same things I'd do whenever. I wanted something challenging that involved my love for making things and stumbling across this book I fell in love with the idea and bought the book the next time I could (months later). I've been obsessed with drawing hearts and flowers for years so when I decided to do this project it was obvious what I'd do. Hearts. When I sat down to do my first days project I couldn't help but feel that I'd rather go in a different direction and before I knew it I'd created a flower on the palm of my hand. Now I'm going to make a flower a day in whichever way I come up with.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? Well I've only completed my first 2 days but already it's shown me I'm a busy person and I need to make room for me time which is exactly what this is.

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