Running Three 65 :: 3 Miles. Every. Single. Day.

Kevin King in New York City is committed to run at least 3 miles every day, while raising money in memory of a friend who passed away 10 years ago from complications that arose while she was running the Baltimore Marathon in 2001. He calls the project Running Three 65...

Why did you decide to do this project? Running is both a physical and mental reward for me and I can solve 3 hours of problems in a 60 minute run but it's been a while since it's been a habit due to injury, time, life, etc.  I wanted to combine the desire to get running back into my life with a charity effort  to raise money for Karen & Laura Legacy Fund, a non-profit started in memory of a friend of my wife's who died from complications that arose while running the Baltimore marathon. The non-profit provides a scholarship to help one woman a year to attend Smith College.  I had raised money for the K&L LF in the past when running my first and second NYC marathons in 2004 and 2005 and wanted to have another physical challenge to honor the 10th anniversary of
her passing.

Interesting things happen when you force yourself to go on a daily journey and it felt like the right time to give this a try. Not quite the strenuous effort of training for a marathon but enough of a challenge to have interesting stories to share along the way.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? Wonderfully. The habit of committing to a daily ritual, even though it's a physical activity, has had wonderful mental impacts in terms of
clarifying my thoughts, reducing stress,  setting up (or allowing me to recap) my day and generally increasing my well being. That combined with raising money for the cause has been excellent.

And Kevin added his own question...
3. Anything crazy or unusual happen so far?
2 Things:

1) Had to hire a babysitter at the last minute to get a run in one day when my wife got caught up at work. The babysitter was very confused by the whole thing.

2) Mickey Mouse almost broke me. Took the family on our first trip to Disney World (personally not a super fan -- never went to as a child, but my own children loved it) and one day I was starting my 3 mile run at 11:15 PM after walking around all day at the Magic Kingdom.  All I kept thinking was 'This is ridiculous and far from magical.'

Read about all of the miles Kevin is running HERE.

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