Val's Fairy A Day

Valerie in Seattle, Washington and her 5 year old daughter are making a Fairy A Day. She explains, "We've only been doing it for a couple of months now but we're having a great time.  Frannie's room is quickly filling up with fairies.  Though many we leave where we made them."

Why did I decide to do a 365 project? I have always been a musical theatre performer.  Since the birth of my daughter I haven't been able to perform all.  So, I needed  a creative outlet.  I found your book and went crazy for it.  While checking out your site I saw entries for your last batch of badges.  Frannie went nuts for one of the robot a day entries.  So we thought we'd try it too.

How has it effected your life? Well, I have to make a fairy a day!!  We're trying to follow the prompts in the book.  Some days are definitely easier than others.  I'm loving it though.  And learning so many new art mediums.  My drawing skills are getting better too.  I keep looking at other people's projects for inspiration.  For example, you recently posted someone's mosaic a day.  I haven't done a mosaic yet!  Expect one soon!

See all of Valerie & her daughter's fairies HERE.

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