No More Moon Poems

My friend Josh Hockensmith in Pittsboro, NC is making daily poetry in  "No more moon poems."

He explains, "For "No more moon poems" I'm sharing a haiku or other kind of short poem each day.  Many of them are new, but many are also culled from notebooks that I've been keeping for years and years.  It's been a great way to be consistently productive, but also to go back and rescue a lot of stuff that I may never have revisited otherwise."
the breakdancer
so smoothly
to his feet

Why did you decide to do this project?  My friend Luke and I were commiserating about how we:  a). weren't as productive creatively as we wished, and b). were too self-conscious and critical about putting our work out into the world.  I told Luke about Make Something 365 and he was really enthusiastic about it.  We decided to both start a project at the same time so that we'd feel accountable to each other to keep it going.  So far so good -- we've both been going since early July.  You can see wonderful daily videos of Luke's music project over at

new pen new blue new words
new name for new gnosis
I knew names knew blues
knew words knew Nothing-ness
but now no nothing, no,
know nothing
now no nothing not new
not now
I know



How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? It has kept me focused on one area of creative production really well.  I've always been pretty productive, but scattered.  I'd write a haiku here, some fiction there, work on a translation of something else...  That's fun, but it's hard to create anything substantial that way or to improve at one thing.  This project has me thinking about haiku consistently enough that it's helping me to broaden my understanding and practice. 

Since I have to post something new each day it's also making me less perfectionistic and more willing to experiment.  I've been trying new ways to compose haiku.  And I've been discovering "visual haiku", which are haiku that are made of images instead of words.  I haven't posted any of those yet, but I'm working on it.  I'm looking forward to stretching more and more as the year goes along.

The funny (and most rewarding) thing is that even though I'm maintaining my focus on haiku, my work in other areas hasn't dropped off.  I used to feel afraid to commit to something like this for fear that it would siphon all my energy and prevent me from achieving other goals.  But the opposite is true:  creating something gives you MORE creative energy for the next thing.


hops under


Read all of Josh's poems HERE.

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