365 Days of Tigrikorn

Doug Jennings in West Dundee, Illinois is using my book to create 365 Days of Tigrikorn...

Why I decided to do this project: I saw Noah's colorful and icon-chocked 365 book on the bookstore shelf and was immediately inspired.  I loved Noah's idea to keep a journal to help organize and chronicle a "journey" of daily creativity. I had been working with my Tigrikorn character over the past few years but lately have been feeling burnt out on just comics with that theme. Using Noah's Daily Creativity Journal with it's ideas and challenges is bound to help me develop a fresher, richer dimension to my character and keep my creativity sharp.

How it's changed my life: So far, the daily project has energized my enthusiasm for creating. I get out of bed every day looking forward to what creative challenges I'll be working on next with a character I enjoy.

Follow Tigrikorn's journey on Doug's YouTube page HERE.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know what a Tigrikorn is but I like this! I love how it is incorporated into the journal itself.