Eat More Bikes

Nathan Bulmer in Brooklyn, New York says, "I enjoy entertaining people and making them laugh. So, I create a new theme every week and try to do a humorous drawing or comic around that. Monday through Friday I’ll do a drawing based off of the theme. Saturday is a ‘whatever comes to mind’ kind of day for drawing. And on Sundays I post a song and a drawing based on it."  His project is called: Eat More Bikes...

Why did you decide to do this project? When I was in school I was drawing and working on my comics every single day. Part of this was because I knew there were deadlines I had to keep. And knowing that some of my veg-out tendencies were waiting for me once I got out of school, I decided I needed to create some of my own deadlines.

The daily blog has been perfect and it ensures that I am putting pencil to paper every single day and coming up with new concepts constantly. I feel obligated enough to post to it that it feels like a real deadline.

I know the term deadline makes it seem like a daunting task, but it isn’t, I swear! I love drawing and creating new work and wracking my brain for new ideas.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? It’s helped me arrive later to events and spend less time hanging out with my girlfriend. Which is great?

It’s been interesting trying to find ways to lay out the course of a day around making sure I get something posted, especially if I’m travelling. I tend to do my work the same day I post it and don’t really have a back log of stuff, which has left me in a couple pickles already.

Needing new material daily has forced me to keep better track of my ideas. I try to write my thoughts down places now since I know I’ll have to fill up hundreds more days with ideas and themes. I’ve also become more aware of the things I learn and conversations I have, as they are rich sources of material.

See all of Nathan's drawings on his site HERE.

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Nathans work is fantastic!