Looks Good From The Back

My friend Adrien Hamilton in Richmond, Virginia is working with her friend Marianne Canada, who lives in Knoxville, Tennessee, to document their daily fashion choices in Looks Good From The Back. She says, "We both decided to rage against the style bloggers who're always picture perfect and bring a little real-life style into the mix. We don't do coy poses, pigeon toes, or Photoshop out our flaws."...

Why did you decide to do this project? I started for a few reasons: The first, my personal blog was starting to feel a bit boring. Second, I was already taking photos of my outfits of the day (aka OOTD) and posting them on a fashion forum, a trend that I love. I wanted to be able to document them in a better way. Third, it seemed like a fun collaborative project to create with my friend Marianne, who I only get to see once a year. We were emailing each other constantly about fashion/clothes/outfits anyway, so we thought we might as well channel that into a real project.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life?
Well, it tends to make me run late every single morning, but so far no speeding tickets! Mostly, I had no idea how often I was wearing the exact same thing over and over again until I was forced to be creative. I also learned really quickly what makes for a good photograph. My initial efforts were very, very bad.

See all of Adrien & Marianne's outfits HERE.

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