Creative Fusion of Tarot and Verse

Kelly St. Claire here in Richmond, Virginia is doing 365 Days of Tarot and Verse. Which she says is, "A dynamic marriage of Tarot and verse. Every day, for 365 days, I will choose a card, or a card will choose me, and I will use the image in a photograph. I will then create a short Haiku or verse to match both the card, and to offer a snapshot of my life that day as expressed through the lens of my camera, and the Tarot."...

Why did you decide to do this project?  I love writing, and I love the Tarot.   The reason I decided to do a 365 project was that I saw it offered me the opportunity to merge two of the things I am passionate about, to create something new and dynamic

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? It has just begun, but so far, it has stocked my creative pond with a seemingly endless supply of fish!  I can see that by doing even a little bit each day, it keeps the vein tapped, so I am more available for my other projects.   I also want to mention that this whole act of joining others who are all a part of the same project/movement builds community, the kind I want to be a part of. One that is brimming with people who are supportive of and celebrate each other rather than competing against each other.

See how Kelly's year has fused HERE.


Andie Illustrates said...

Wow!!! I love it! I did a tarot pack a while back ( 10 years ago?) and it was so much fun! Mine was for a graphic design project, with parameters. It would be fun to do it just to be creative! Great idea!!!

Anonymous said...

Great! Thanks for posting this <3 It has proven so far to be a great project and the community is blowing me away :)