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Becky in Maine is committing to doing one creative act every day in The Frabjous Daily...

Why did you decide to do this project? I am getting my Master's degree in social work right now.  Between my classes and my field placements, I have been immersed for the past 18 months in all the dark, painful things humans can go through (and do to one another).  I feel completely drawn to this type of work, but my choice to pursue the field of social work and therapy is not without an emotional cost to myself.  It's hard to sit with others' pain all day every day and not feel pain, sadness, and utter depression when you go home at night.  I have one more semester to go, and I knew I needed to do something to regularly expose myself to life's joy and beauty.  Social workers call it "self-care."  I call it survival.  I made up the name "Frabjous Daily" and built the basic blog back in November, but it sat idle because I had no idea what to do with it.  Then, while browsing Etsy, I recently came across this article and the idea came together.  I decided I would use the blog (and my goal to post daily) as a way to express my creative side, which is the first part of me to get stifled when things get busy (that, and my precious sleep).  No real rules to the project, other than that I must post daily, and the post must be about a creative act done by me.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? Mostly, it makes me smile more than I've smiled in months.  I'm only 6 days into it, but so far I've found that knowing I will do something creative keeps my mind sharp for possible opportunities.  I feel like I've been reconnected with that creative, observant part of me that has had no exercise at all for a very long time.  It's a feeling I like, and I am envisioning how this project will help me stay sane through the next semester of school.  So far I have stuck to ordinary mediums (drawings, origami, and sewing projects), but I have ideas for things like spice painting, snow art, and using transient things like steam or smoke.  It's liberating to know that a creative act is limited only by one's imagination.  I have had some days already when it was nearly bedtime, and I remembered I still had to do something creative and post about it.  Instead of being frustrated like I expected to be, I've actually really enjoyed those frenzied moments of whipping out some supplies and seeing what I can make before the day ends.  I am excited to see what my 365 posts will look like at the end of this project.

See how Becky's creativity has been manifesting on her site HERE.

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