365 Faces

Kaylee Moss in Deer Park, Washington is making 365 Faces...

Why did you decide to do this project? One of my new years resolutions was to make more time for art. I was hoping to find some sort of online group to join, or just something to keep me motivated. I accidentally came across a blog post on Etsy about your skull-a-day project and book 365: A Daily Creativity Journal. It was exactly what I needed! I was so inspired that I immediately started a blog and project called 365 days of creativity, which quickly turned into 365 Faces.

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? It has been so awesome to make art a priority! As an adult, and especially since I've become a mom, it seems that there are so many responsibilities to take care of that there really isn't enough time to create. This project has allowed me to give myself time to do what I love, which feels amazing and makes me really happy. I'm also excited to see how my abilities and creativity develop throughout the next year.

See all of Kaylee's faces HERE.

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