Sheila in Austin is documenting her life daily in Sheila365...

Why did you decide to do this project? I had this moment where I came up for air from my never-ending, busy schedule to realize I was 40 something and that days and weeks are simply flying by and I can't stop them.   I wanted to pause long enough to capture and reflect on one moment from each day.  With this, Sheila365 was born:
I’m struck by almost daily reminders that my life is passing by much too quickly. It is food for the soul to stop and savor moments spent amongst friends, family, natural beauty and even necessary moments of solitude. These moments collectively serve as my source of joy, laughter, love, sadness, wonder and appreciation for all that I have in my life. This photo blog is my journey to record a moment from each day in a year of my life. 

How has doing a yearlong/daily project affected your life? It's been FUN, rewarding, inspiring and motivating, all at the same time.  At first I started it and didn't tell anyone.  Over time I told family and friends and have enjoyed interacting with other bloggers that I encounter online.  The Wordpress site made it incredibly easy to get started.   I know lots of people start a 365 photo blog with the goal of honing their photography skills.  That wasn't my primary objective, but I have really enjoyed learning about my camera as I use it every day.  I have learned about photo editors.  I have learned about photo-challenge meme's.  I even got my own domain name somewhere along the line (I KNOW!?).  I'm pretty sure that when I'm done with this challenge, I will buy a fancy-dancy camera to enjoy and experiment with.  And I will definitely keep blogging.

I'm proud that I have stuck with it.  And though some days' posts are ho-hum, there are some that I enjoying going back over from time to time.

See all of Sheila's days documented HERE.

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